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A man lives in a web of influences that help to mould his life. I happened to be one of those whose lives have been greatly influenced by JF Kennedy’s inspirational thoughts about the analysis of global political issues.

I am Mr Egbodje Wilson from Delta State, Nigeria. I attended the prestigious Government College Ughelli (GCU), Delta State Nigeria. Studied History at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan (Nigeria’s Premier University.)

Mr. Wilson Egbodje writes about Analysis Of Global Political Issues

A Treatise Dedicated To The Memory Of JFK

The rise and fall of great civilizations, nation states and of course, petty fiefdoms is the result of sustained thoughts and actions of men. Historically, no political entity ever rose to prominence without the active engagement and analytical thinking of statesmen. Consequently, the study of major events that have shaped the course of history and the principal actors involved are accorded great significance in humanist studies.

“THE GUNS OF AUGUST” is the title of a book that probably saved the world from monumental disaster during the Cuban Missile Crisis also known as The Thirteen Days Crisis, in October 1962. President John F Kennedy, believed to be one of the world’s fastest readers in living memory, was said to have pored avidly over pages of the book several times during the stand-off between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The book gave J F Kennedy the understanding that hubris and lack of restraint on the part of statesmen caused the First World War and its horrendous outcome. And, it guided him positively. He did not engage in direct negotiations. Neither did he reject wise counsel.

One commentator noted that his aloofness while the crisis lasted baffled the Hawks and everyone else in the National Security Council. Each time they presented him with proposals for necessary action, he asked them to explore other possibilities.

Finally, JFK’s younger brother, Robert Kennedy – the US Attorney General at that time, perplexed by JFK’s attitude went into back-channel negotiations with the Soviet Ambassador to Washington DC. He came out with the breakthrough that ended the crisis. Political leaders around the globe ought to learn from JFK. He was a great statesman.

My Journey Into Blogging: The Ultimate Analysis of Global Political Issues

My interest and love for blogging in the area of political and economic developments around the globe were cultivated during my days as a student in Government College, Ughelli, Nigeria. We had a set of very committed and dedicated teachers from the UK, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. There were also American Peace Corps service members and a number of Africans. They exposed us to watching films on Fridays. In July 1970 we watched a documentary on the John F Kennedy presidency. That documentary inspired me. I visited the College Library the following week for more information. I went through a large stack of the Readers Digest. I also found another international newsletter, “The English Listener”.

The Library received copies of both magazines on regular basis. My area of interest became splendid over time. I read about Charles De Gaulle, Harold Wilson, the Royal Family, the Vietnam war, the Watergate investigation, the Kent State University shooting, the Munich Olympics massacre etc. At the age of fifteen, I already had an appreciable understanding of events around the globe.

Upon graduation from college and while at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, I developed an interest in the American Time and Newsweek magazines. The two became my regular companions, and I soon developed a vast library of several news magazines over the years. For over three decades, I engaged in research on international relation theory. My bias was for international relations.

I have been teaching African and European History in Higher School. Besides, writing articles for media houses, I am also engaged in editing books for publishers. This background proves an invaluable asset in my journey into blogging.

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